Instant Professional Screen Recordings with Zooms

Engaging screencasts: QuickScreen lets you create engaging videos of your screen or windows with zooms and animated click

No editing: your screen recording is immediately available when you hit stop, ready to share with colleagues on Slack or social media

Beautiful videos with smooth zooming animations

Our screen recorder lets you pick any window to record as a beautiful video, centered over a background image. Press Caps Lock to add zooming animations that will make your videos even more engaging.

Once you stop recording, your video will be instantly available, complete with animated clicks and smooth zooming animations. You can even share your videos with others or upload them to your favorite video sharing sites.

Add your voice, a background image, and more to your screen recordings

QuickScreen lets you choose what to record, whether it's a window, your entire screen, or a specific region. You can also use a keyboard shortcut to quickly start and stop recording.

At any time while recording, press the caps lock key to zoom into specific areas of your screen or window.

Add your voice to your recordings, and customize the appearance with drop shadows, background images, and margins. You can even adjust the zooming speed.

Smooth cursors will replace your real cursor with a pointer that moves smoothly, making it perfect for tutorials.

See what you're recording in real time

QuickScreen lets you see exactly how your final video will look like, including the zooms, during recording. The real window you are recording is also decorated with a blue border, so you can easily see what is being captured.

The menu bar shows the current recording duration, and indicates if the microphone is also being recorded.

Terms of service and privacy

QuickScreen does not store or collect any information. If you decide to record a window as a video file, you chose where to store the generated MP4 video.

QuickScreen does not collect any information, it only generates a video of your window, centered over a nice background image.

QuickScreen for macOS falls under the App Store terms of service provided by Apple.