Virtual background for screen sharing and recording

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Live share and record a clean desktop

Simply press ⌘ F1 to select (or unselect) any window and they appear in your meeting app, or you can record them as an MP4 video.

Zoom, Meet, Teams, etc.

Screegle works with all video apps (Zoom, Meet, Teams, etc.) Just select the Screegle camera in your favorite meeting app and your colleagues, customers, students see your Screegle screen.

Professional Screen Recorder

Record clean videos of your screen that only contain the windows you want to show, including your webcam. We use it everyday for work videos. Saved as MP4, ready to share on social media or Slack.

You're in charge

The Screegle preview window shows exactly what you are currently sharing or recording. Turn your webcam on/off and move it around during live meetings or recordings.

Live subtitles

Live subtitles (cc) help communicate with co-workers, students and customers, even when they turn off audio. Perfect your transcripts with the built-in editor.

Custom wallpapers

Drag and drop new background images or videos, use the built-in search engine.

Present documents quickly

Drag and drop a document or presentation and it will automatically appear on your desktop and shared in Screegle, ready for you to present. Works with PDF, Powerpoint, Keynote, Pages, images and videos too.

Mouse highlighter and magnifier

Hold the key to highlight your cursor, and to magnify it. Mouse clicks can also be enhanced.

Terms of service and privacy

Screegle does not store or collect any information. If you decide to record your Screegle Share window as a video file, you pick the location where to store the mp4 video: Screegle does not collect any information, it only generates a video of your Screegle Share window. Speech recognition also runs on-device. Screegle for macOS falls under the App Store terms of service provided by Apple.