Clean Screen Sharing for Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, Slack and More
Why Screegle

Screegle lets you share your entire screen, but only with the windows you want. The result is a clean, uncluttered «virtual desktop» that looks professional, doesn't send private information, and never shows notifications during your online meetings.

How to use Screegle

The first time you share a window, click Open System Preferences in the dialog, unlock the lock icon and click the checkbox next to Screegle

Research about Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is very important during meetings. Our survey indicates that over 95% of us share our screens or individual windows. But sharing our entire screen causes privacy issues, and sharing a specific window is not flexible because it's hard to change later. It's a classic example of giving up privacy for getting things done: too often we end up sharing our entire desktop for convenience, at the risk of showing too much information. Screegle solves that problem by letting us flexibly share and unshare windows, and nothing more.

Screegle Camera

The Screegle camera makes screen sharing in Screegle even easier. It adds a new camera to your Mac. Select it whenever you want to show Screegle, no need to ask others for permission to share your screen.

  1. Download and install screegle-camera.pkg
  2. Restart your video app (Zoom, Slack, Google, etc.)
  3. Select Screegle as your video source instead of your webcam

Licensing and contact

We build custom versions of Screegle for enterprise installation that include your company logo and more. Give your employees the tools they deserve for flexible and secure communication. Contact us for business inquiries at

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The Screegle technology is protected. Patent pending #63277652.


Screegle does not store or collect any information. The windows you decide to share never leave your computer. Of course, once you decide to share the Screegle window in a meeting app such as Zoom, your content will be shared.