Virtual Background for Screen Sharing
Worry-free Screen Sharing
what you see…
…what they see

Screegle gives you worry-free screen sharing during meetings or video recordings.

Share one or several windows simultaneously without showing your real desktop. Selected windows appear over a beautiful wallpaper of your choice, allowing you to show a clean and professional desktop. It's like having a virtual background for screen sharing.

Simply mouse over a window and press ⌘ F1 to share it: it will appear in the preview window and the Screegle Camera that you select in your favorite meeting app. (Zoom, Meet, Teams, Slack, etc.) And you can share any number of windows simultaneously, not just one.

How to use Screegle?

Screegle is very simple:

  1. Start Screegle and its preview window will appear
  2. Press ⌘ F1 over a window and it will appear in the preview
  3. In your favorite video app (Zoom, Meet, Teams, Facetime, etc.), pick the Screegle Camera

You are now showing your screegle windows and nothing else on your desktop. And you don't need to ask for screen sharing permission: simply use the Screegle Camera 👍


Share one or several windows simultaneously over clean version of your desktop, hide clutter & notifications

Overlay your webcam, record HD video with your voice, capture screenshots

Move your webcam anywhere, use a shape and border color that suit you

Use custom wallpaper images or videos, powered by PixaBay search


Should come pre-installed in every Mac Ola

Now a must-have at work Chantal

I'm free to share any window without notifications Daniel

My co-workers be like: how did you do that? Nova

Life saver for work from home Guy

My screen looks so clean and professional Lisa


Screegle does not store or collect any information. The windows you decide to share never leave your computer, unless you show the Screegle Camera or Screegle Share window in a video app 😉