Clean Screen Sharing & Recording

What is it?

Screegle lets your share one or several windows simultaneously over a clean desktop without showing your real desktop (and the private information, notifications and clutter it usually contains!)

Simply press ⌘ F1 over any window and they will automatically appear in the Screegle Camera that you use in Zoom, Meet, Teams, Slack, etc.

Why do I need it?

Zoom, Meet, Teams and other video applications limit you to sharing your entire screen or an individual window. But your desktop is cluttered with private information, files, folders, and notifications. So you end up sharing only one window, giving up flexibility to preserve your privacy.

With Screegle, you can finally share any window simultaneously over a clean background, and can even add your webcam.

Privacy and Terms

Screegle does not store or collect any information. The windows you decide to share never leave your computer, unless you show the Screegle Camera, or share your Screegle Share window in a video apps, or decide to upload a recording to YouTube.

Screegle for macOS falls under the App Store terms of service provided by Apple.