Virtual Background for Screen Sharing
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Screegle is a virtual background for screen sharing during meetings or video recordings.

Instead of sharing your entire desktop or a single window, share any number of windows without showing your actual desktop. Screegle makes your desktop look clean and professional.

To share a window, simply press F1 and it will automatically appear in your favorite video app (Zoom, Meet, Teams, Slack, etc.) once you share the Screegle Share window.


Share one or several windows simultaneously over clean version of your desktop, hide clutter & notifications

Overlay your webcam, record HD video with your voice, capture screenshots

Move your webcam anywhere, use a shape and border color that suit you

Use custom background images or videos, powered by PixaBay search

How to use Screegle

This video explains how Screegle works your video app.

At any time, you can add more windows, or remove windows you have previously selected, with the same keyboard shortcut F1 or by simply clicking inside the preview.

Important Fairly recently, some apps (Zoom, Teams, Skype) started cropping out shared windows when parts of their content lay outside of your display.
The "Show Screegle" menu will automatically position the Screegle Share window in the center of your display and make Zoom happy! 😉
Of course, you can cover the Screegle window with other windows.

The first time you share a window, click Open System Preferences in the dialog, unlock the lock icon and click the checkbox next to Screegle

Screegle Virtual Camera

The Screegle camera makes screen sharing in Screegle even easier. It adds a virtual camera to your Mac. Select it whenever you want to show Screegle, no need to ask others for permission to share your screen.

  • Download and install screegle-camera.pkg
  • Restart your video app (Zoom, Teams, Slack, Meet)
  • Select Screegle as your video source instead of your webcam

Screegle does not store or collect any information. The windows you decide to share never leave your computer. Of course, once you decide to share the Screegle window in a meeting app such as Zoom, your content will be shared.