AutoFrame - Your personal camera(wooo)man

AutoFrame like NVidia's Broacast app but in your browser using TensorFlow JS and BlazeFace.

Read Together

Interactive reading together with live audio and shared mouse pointers

Hand over Face

Warns you when you are about to touch your face with your hands

PDF Reflow

Read mobile-ready PDF (great for research papers and business reports), preserving colors, fonts, images, figures & math formulas.


View and save any "readable" web pages directly from Mobile Safari, export to PDF.


Highlight Web pages, PDF, PowerPoint and Word, all your articles are synchronized to iCloud.

Yawas Highlighter

Highlight the original web pages in Safari for iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Edge


Award winning math game for kids. Practice tables, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division up to table of 12.


Learn over 500 English words by spelling them with a single swipe or pop each letter in sequence.


Learn USA states, capitals, national parks and main cities!